In the name of the Lord, there is precipitation.


Don’t wait for it to happen. Don’t even want it to happen. Just watch what does happen.

New ‘blog! Why I’ve not been ‘blogging, and HALLOWEEN SHORTS!

Seriously. If you want gifs for writing, "Secret Window" is the business.

So, I haven’t blogged much of late. I’ve wanted to: there have been a few rants brewing in my head that I wanted to hammer out, and some of them have even been relatively coherent in the drafts that I have written. And yet I haven’t posted any of them. It feels like they’d be ineffective, that they’d generate no positive forward motion. Anyone in disagreement would sink their heels in, because…

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So I went on a bit of a rant on Twitter earlier.

If you’re no longer making money at cons, either stop going or refocus. It’s not other peoples’ fault that your business model no longer caters to them.

Aug 5

Quit smiling, you’re suppose to be professional.

New ‘blog: on recovery, and trying to make something of the time.


So, it has been two weeks since the surgery. The new kidney is working very well, as demonstrated by my blood tests (three a week, my veins are not happy) and – perhaps more importantly – by my general condition. I’m eating better, I feel more awake, and I feel motivated and a lot less depressed. Also, my diet is almost a total reversal of what it was previously so I can eat pretty much whatever…

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Girl at the End of the World

New ‘blog post: The Girl at the End of the World


With all the excitement of surgery waiting for me, I missed off an update about this anthology. The Girl at the End of the World is the latest anthology (in two parts) from Fox Spirit books. Part one includes a story by me: The Ending Plague.

The remit for submissions was a fairly open theme – the title gives away exactly what that was – and I decided to try my hand at a secondary-world fantasy…

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1500 words of Crap Dad written. I feel pretty good about that. Alas, this is not fanfiction where I can just put it up online and have people read it.

Hmm. Maybe I should get a pool of beta readers that I can write it for, to have…

I wonder if Patreon could work? But yeah…are there any places for writers to post up chapters as we would a webcomic, guys?

Wattpad has decent functionality for serial fiction. It seems to be quite popular, as well.

Kidney Transplant: Zero Hour

New ‘blog. Kidney Transplant: Zero Hour.

I love making Direct to Video titles up. The more colons, the merrier.

So one of the things I wanted to do with this ‘blog was to try and maintain some positivity.

This may go some way to explaining the lack of posts of late.

It’s entirely fair to say that the first half of this year hasn’t really been what you’d call brilliant. Not even in the same ballpark, even. My health has been slowly…

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He’s my inspiration. He’s my teaching role model, yo

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new best friend feat. dorian

tumblr is making me love Dorian already 

Jul 7




It’s even better because he’s on a ship.